We have the capacity to manufacture between 10-12 tonnes of yarn (dependant on count) each week.

Our yarn stock is normally in the region of 50-100 tonnes, and our manufacturing capabilities allows us to spin large or unusual orders quickly and on time.


Our mills are set up for the productions of medium to fine woollen yarn ranging from between 4Nm to 17Nm. The maximum ply we manufacture is 4 ply. The maximum res count (The finished count once twisted) is 2 Nm. Our twist range is between 105 tpm and 1029 tpm. Rennie yarns can also be twisted with other yarns to create unique qualities and we can work with our customers to create the desired effect.

We are renowned for our colour interpretation and our team of colour specialists can match colours, qualities, blends and melanges to customers own specifications at a minimum of only 75 kgs (bulk).

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